Waves crashing against shore with jetty rocks

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Watch the Whales of Bodega Bay

December 05, 2017

Get your boating shoes ready — it is almost time for peak whale watching season. Each year the Pacific Grey Whales migrate from the Arctic seas down to the Baja coast for warmer climate and mating. Lucky for us, they can be spotted moving south from the shore of Bodega Bay. What started as awareness for the dwindling numbers of these majestic creatures, has quickly turned into a pastime that people from near and far like to participate in. 

The best time to see the grey whale from the coastline is between the months of March through June, when the mothers swim closer to shore to protect their brand new babies. If you are one that likes to get a little closer to the action, be sure to check out the private whale watching charters in the area that will give you an up close and personal peak at these beautiful, majestic mammals.