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There Is Only One Reason You Should Be Crabby in the Bay

January 07, 2019

Things are getting pretty crabby over here in the Bay, and we don’t mean the bad kind of crabby. It’s Dungeness Crab season here in California and there are so many great ways to celebrate. Crab season begins the first week in November and runs through the month of June — which means, for eight full months you can enjoy freshly caught, delicious meaty crab from ocean to table. Not only can you capitalize on some of the best crab meat while you're in California for every meal, but you can also get your hands dirty and catch your very own crab! 

There are two ways to go crabbing while you are in town. The first option is right on-shore — you can catch up to 10 crabs per season without a permit right from the pier. Or you can hire a boat for the day and have them show you the ropes of what it is like to be a professional crabber. We think both options are awesome!