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'The Birds' Never Left Bodega Bay

November 05, 2018

It is no secret that we have a ton of birds in Bodega Bay, so many in fact it is one of the best bird watching locations in the entire world. So it was no surprise to us locals when Alfred Hitchcock decided to film “The Birds,” right here in Bodega Bay. Aside from the delicious wine that is developed all around us, a huge point of interest for many tourists here is the film’s landmarks that are located around town. 

Before arriving at Bodega Bay be sure to watch the 1963 thriller to get a full idea of the horror that is perceived to take place in our quaint little town. Once you are acquainted with the film, set out to see a few of the historic sights where the filming took place. A few fan favorites are the Potter Schoolhouse and St. Theresa of Avila Church that are located practically side by side.