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Preserve While You Play in Bodega Bay

November 05, 2017

Our neighborhood has always been a sanctuary for everyone. Whether you are seeking peaceful mornings, a creative outlet, an afternoon on the water, or an escape, we have it all. In light of the recent wildfires that have been roaming across Northern California, Bodega Bay has been a relief spot for many — a short drive away from Sonoma County and Santa Rosa but just enough sea breeze to keep the air fresh and the fires away. 

Wildlife preservation is an important aspect to the California community and we are glad to have a safe place for our neighboring cities. Part of preserving our beautiful state is to learn what to do in an emergency —knowing the best escape route, following local campfire laws, and keeping extinguishing equipment nearby, are just a few ways you can protect yourself, loved ones, and the environment from creating a wildfire. Check out Prevent Wildfire CA to learn more about wildfire prevention.