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Meet Me in May

May 01, 2017

When summer comes into full bloom, it is greeted by beautiful days and weekends full of life, and the beginning of May is no exception. The start of this month is full of activities and rich culture for art, nature, and architecture lovers alike. On May 6th at Dorian Regional Park you can be swept away into childlike bliss. Spend your day lying on the beach mesmerized by the colorful kites that flood the sky or try your hand at sand castle sculpting. But if the arts are what peak your interest, you may want to scuttle down to the Salmon Creek Artwalk May 6th and 7th to check out 20 different exhibitions that will be open to the public. On May 13th you can get a sneak peak of California's finest architecture by attending the Architectural Tour and Wine Tasting on the Mendonoma Coast. The summer is here, it’s time to play!