Waves crashing against shore with jetty rocks

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Hang Ten in Bodega Bay

July 10, 2018

It is no secret that California is a coastal gem for surfers, and Bodega Bay is among one of the most popular areas to grab your board and hit the waves. No matter what time of year, ocean temperatures are pretty chilly up here in Northern California —however the toasty warm weather of the summer really helps balance out the bite. If you’re an advanced surfer, be sure to grab your board and hit the waves with some of California’s finest beach combers. But if gliding on a board through a big swell isn’t for you, grab a towel and watch the locals go from the shore. A few of our favorite spots to catch some good wave riding or do some people watching are Salmon Creek and Doran Beach — both of these beaches fill up quickly in the summertime with tons of people who are ready to hang ten, be sure to grab a spot early!