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Feast on Fresh Salmon in Bodega Bay

October 01, 2018

Not only is October the best time of year to visit the North Pacific Coast but it also marks the beginning of salmon season! If you are one of those that can’t get enough of this delicious pink fish, make sure you stop by Bodega Bay to get the full salmon experience. There are charters all throughout the Bodega Bay area that will teach you how to hook and catch your very own salmon, so if you are one that likes to get the full fishing experience, be sure to add this adventure to your trip. Not to worry, if you are more into eating than fishing, you can be sure that all of the salmon you order in local restaurants will be completely fresh and delicious -- and almost every eatery will be serving some type of salmon on their menu this season. So sit back relax and enjoy the delicacies of the salty sea.