Waves crashing against shore with jetty rocks

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Coastline Conservation in Bodega Bay

September 04, 2017

Growing up in the coastal regions of California puts a steady perspective on the importance of our marine ecology. The effort that goes into the conservation of our coastlines is crucial — Californians have always been mother-nature-forward and ready to jump on opportunities that effect our world in a positive way. With at least twelve State Marine Conservation Areas, ten State Marine Reserves and three Recreation Areas, it seems as if recreational activities are extremely limited in Northern California, but the reality is that many of the areas deemed "protected" have learning opportunities available in the Bodega Bay area — not to mention that 80% of open water is available for recreational fishing. The ocean is crucial to our life here on planet earth, especially in the Bodega Bay region, get involved and learn something new while visiting us in NoCal! 

Check out California’s Marine Protected Areas to learn more about our beloved coastline HERE!