Waves crashing against shore with jetty rocks

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Birding in the Bay

March 05, 2018

The unique environment in Bodega Bay consists of the perfect elements to keep a thriving wildlife ecosystem. With a mix of the sea, bay and dry winery areas, Sonoma County has been deemed one of the most important birding destinations in the nation and around the world. Specific birding locations vary in the Bay area, some are tucked away on coastal cliffs or woodlands, and you can see certain species living peacefully in residential neighborhoods too.

There are many types of rare birds that live in the Bay, people are frequently on the lookout for the Great Horned Owl and various types of hawks that can be spotted soaring above the clouds. You can find a full list of locations and birds that can be found in the area on the Sonoma County Bird Watching Spots website HERE. Drop what you're doing and go get your birding on!