Waves crashing against shore with jetty rocks

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  • Group of black birds flying in the sky

    Bodega Bay, It’s for The Birds

    November 04

    In 1963 Bodega Bay became known to an entire generation of filmgoers around the world as the sinister setting of Alfred Hitchcock’s horror classic The Birds, in which an unsuspecting seaside town is terrorized by inexplicable and increasingly violent avian attacks.

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  • istock 1185397615

    Bottle Up the Air in Bodega Bay

    October 19

    From secluded coves accessible by kayak to cliffs that scale the sides of the Pacific Ocean, the landscape of Bodega Bay appeals to the rugged adventurer in everyone. 

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  • man harvesting grapes in vineyard

    Celebrate Harvest Season in Sonoma County

    September 01

    Although we are considered to be on the rugged Northern Coast of California, we still know a thing or two about our wine. We know so much, in fact, that we wanted to remind you this September marks the beginning of grape-harvesting season.

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  • doran beach

    Coastline Conservation in Bodega Bay

    August 03

    Growing up in the coastal regions of California puts a steady perspective on the importance of our marine ecology.

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  • three shucked oysters on a bed of ice with a lemon slice

    Better Believe the Bay Has the Best Oysters

    July 05

    If you’ve visited Northern California before, you should know by now that we love wine. But just as our love wine was created, so was our love for oysters.

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  • surfer holding board

    Hang Ten at the Beach

    June 01

    It is no secret that California is a popular destination for surfers from all around the world, but Bodega Bay is among one of the best beaches to grab your board and hit the waves.

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  • man in a helicopter taking a photo of the view

    Be Above Bodega Bay for a Day

    May 03

    See Bodega Bay from a different point of view on your next trip to Northern California by taking a tour by flight. Helicopter tours are increasing in popularity in the Bay Area because of the incredible views and luxe feeling you will experience.

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  • chefbrendalee

    Feel-Good Dining at Drakes

    April 06

    While our award-winning restaurant Drakes is closed for renovations, we wanted to give our guests something to savor while they wait.

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  • Field with flowers on hill & ocean view

    Beauty in the Bay

    March 01

    California is known for its plunging cliffs and beautiful coastlines, but what many people do not realize is the effort and attention that goes into conserving these gorgeous areas of the West Coast.

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  • romantic valentines day dinner

    Bring Your Love to Bodega Bay

    February 02

    February is for the month of love, and what better way to celebrate your special someone than with a trip to Bodega Bay? 

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  • girls in robes drinking tea

    A Cozy Evening Indoors

    January 04

    Nothing beats a little R&R after a challenging year of canceled travel plans, postponed get-togethers, and team meetings over Zoom. We can’t think of a better way to kick-off the new year than with a little self-care right here at Bodega Bay Lodge.

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  • spa essentials flat lay

    The Art of Relaxation

    December 01

    There is no better way to wrap up the winter season than with a holistic holiday. After a few days of whale watching and enjoying the wine of the region, it may be time to sit back, relax, and let your body rejuvenate before heading back home.

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  • great horned owl

    Bird Watching in the Bay

    November 05

    The unique environment of Bodega Bay provides the perfect elements to maintain a thriving wildlife ecosystem.

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  • horseback riding on beach

    Horse N Around Trail Rides

    October 01

    Most people would say that we are all about the Pacific here in Bodega Bay, but what most people don’t realize is that our backyard is just as good as our front.

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  • father and son golf

    Go Golfing Along the Pacific

    August 10

    Try your luck on the greens during your next trip to Bodega Bay—The Links at Bodega Harbor is a Scottish influenced golf course that stretches along the coast of the Pacific Ocean

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  • pacific coast highway

    Road Trip Republic

    May 04

    Plentiful sunshine and epic outdoor experiences are just a few of the reasons why California is the ultimate state to enjoy by road trip. This summer, consider making your way to Bodega Bay by car.

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  • friends biking

    Bike Along An Iconic Coast

    April 06

    Bodega Bay is a great city for exploring. The depth of the beauty in the Bay surpasses anything else you will see during your time in California — from the quaint shopping areas to the ideal cliffside beaches, there is so much to do and see during your stay.

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  • painting of a black bird

    Flock to Bodega Bay for This Annual Festival

    March 02

    The birds are coming, and they are flocking right here to Bodega Bay. It is time for this year's 8th Annual Hitchcock Film Festival, featuring the film that put Bodega Bay on the map, The Birds>.

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  • Grey Whales Migrating

    Whale, We Know What We Are Looking for This Month

    February 03

    It’s no whale of a tail, you can catch a glimpse of these beautiful creatures starting this month. If you have daydreamed over the thought of watching the great whale migration, now is your chance!

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  • Fresh Clams

    Happy Clamming On The Coast

    January 06

    Anyone that has traveled up to our neck of the woods knows that clam chowder is a staple in our diets, and in our hearts. So much so that there is an entire weekend in January dedicated to this delicious hearty soup.

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  • A tray of cooked Dungeness Crab and lemon

    Dungeness Crab Season in the Pacific Northwest

    December 02

    It's that time of year again, where we take our blog obligations very seriously and feel the need to alert the crowds that it is officially Dungeness Crab season!

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  • shutterstock_528617194

    It's Time to Help the Kelp!

    November 04

    We can’t kelp ourselves—we really love our underwater forests. Kelp forests are an important part of the ecosystem in the Pacific Ocean.

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  • Group of friends walking outside and laughing

    Find Your Inner Fairy at Annual Old Grove Festival

    September 02

    If there is any month out of the year that you should pursue your most whimsical ideas, it is most definitely the beginning of fall. September marks a change in the air from flip flops and summer lovin’ to cozy cups of tea and bundling up.

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  • Woman walking through vineyards with glass of wine

    Take a Day Trip to Russian River Valley

    August 05

    Have a taste of Bodega Bay in the Russian Rivers Tasting Room. Just a quick drive away in the Sonoma Region this sweet, little farm is nestled into the Russian River Valley.

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  • different types of beer lined up under the taps

    Sip on the Brews of Summer in Sonoma County

    June 04

    We know that most people flock to Sonoma County for the wine, but did you know that Sonoma has a large craft beer population and it's steadily growing by the day?

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  • Couple Laughing with Beers

    Springtime in Sonoma is for Festivals

    April 01

    Spring is in full swing and that means it's festival season in California! Don’t know what to do while you’re in town? Have no fear — checkout these April festivals we have listed down below. 

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  • seal

    Catch a Peek at the Bodega Bay Pups

    March 04

    There are few things as adorable as pups, seal pups that is! If you’re visiting Bodega Bay in March, you might just be able to get an up-close and personal look at these sweet, little sea creatures.

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  • three women looking at the entrance of a fair at sunset

    F is for Fairground

    February 04

    There is just something magical about a small-town fair—which is why we love the Cloverdale Citrus Fair. Cloverdale has been the host of this beloved fair and parade since 1892, where it initially began as a county fair.

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  • close up of fishing gear

    There Is Only One Reason You Should Be Crabby in the Bay

    January 07

    Things are getting pretty crabby over here in the Bay, and we don’t mean the bad kind of crabby. 

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  • red wine cheers

    Celebrate the Holidays in California

    December 03

    If you’re staying in Bodega Bay, there is a good chance you enjoy the simpler things in life like nature and a good glass of wine. 

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