Bodega Bay Lodge

Staff Picks

  • Preserve While You Play in Bodega Bay

    Our neighborhood has always been a sanctuary for everyone.... Read more

  • Harvest in the County

    Welcome to October! The most celebrated time in Sonoma County — also known as the 5th season. ... Read more

  • Coastline Conservation in Bodega Bay

    Growing up in the coastal regions of California puts a steady perspective on the importance of our marine ecology. ... Read more

  • Beauty in the Bay

    California is known for its plunging cliffs and beautiful coastlines, but what many people do not realize is the effort and attention that goes into conserving these gorgeous areas of the West Coast. ... Read more

  • A Local California Treat

    If there is one thing California knows how to do, it is definitely a farmers markets. It seems like our perfect little state always has local at the top of their mind.... Read more

  • Popping Around the Bay

    With celebrations fit for a king, take your "pops" on an action packed weekend with these bubbly events around the Bay.   ... Read more

  • Meet Me in May

    When summer comes into full bloom, it is greeted by beautiful days and weekends full of life, and the beginning of May is no exception. ... Read more

  • Take a Slice of California

    Northern California is pure art. No matter what you experience while visiting Sonoma and the surrounding counties, you can be sure that each piece of your trip was touched with an ounce of passion and love. ... Read more

  • Bodega Bay for Beginners

    If there is one thing we love about Sonoma County it is the level of simplicity and charm that this region exudes. Different from our neighboring counties, you will truly feel at home while visiting Bodega Bay. ... Read more

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