Sonoma Coast Massage

50 minutes - $110 | 80 minutes - $155

A full-body therapeutic massage designed to encourage relaxation, enhance circulation and help eliminate toxins. Your massage may be customized to address specific areas of concern, utilizing a range of gentle-to-firm pressure with a nurturing touch in long, rhythmic massage strokes and gentle kneading of muscle tissue. You will leave with a sense of serenity and feel in greater harmony with the tranquil Sonoma Coast environment.

Aromatherapy Massage

50 minutes - $115 | 80 minutes - $160

Enhance your Sonoma Coast Massage with essential oils of herbs, flowers and tress to relax, balance and stimulate the body, mind and spirit. Your therapist will help you select the oil for your needs.

Signature Hot Stone Massage

50 minutes - $120 | 80 minutes - $165

Utilizing elements of nature combined with the art of massage, the experience is unforgettable. Soothing heat from smooth basalt stones, combined with light to medium pressure, relieve tense muscles and relax the body.

Warm Shell Massage

50 minutes - $120 | 80 minutes - $165

If you enjoy Hot Stone Massages, you must try our Warm Shell Massage. Warm Tiger Clam seashells enhance your massage by providing a unique warm feel and the perfect texture to glide smoothly over your body. Heat and pressure from the shells provide relief for sore muscles, soothe the nervous system and induce deep states of relaxation.

Mom-To-Be Massage

50 minutes - $110

Special attention is given to the comfort and needs of the mother-to-be with this modified massage that utilizes special positioning. We recommend that pregnant women avoid treatments using deep pressure, aromatic oils, and treatments that are heat-related.

Couples Massage

(Guestroom only)

50 minutes -$220 | 80 minutes - $310

Enjoy the magic art of relaxing and connecting together. Choose any pair of our massage therapies (except the Hot Stone) to be provided in the privacy of your guestroom. For a truly memorable experience, we recommend the Warm Shell Massage.

In-Room Massage

All massages, except the Signature Hot Stone massage, may be enjoyed in the privacy of your guestroom.